2012 AVS Annual Meeting

The 2012 Alabama Vascular Society meeting will be held on May 18th at the Birmingham Marriott Hotel.  Dinner will be to follow at Flemings Steak House.  I expect this years meeting to be one of best meetings we have ever had.  Our honored quest speaker is Dr. Hazim Safi, M.D., Professor and Chair of the Department of Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery at The University of Texas Medical School at Houston.  As you know he is a world leader in the management of thoracic aortic pathology, in particular repair of thoracoadbdominal aortic aneurysms.  In addition to his presentation there are a variety of excellent presentations to be given by our members.  The range topics is broad and includes management of iliac vein and IVC thrombosis, persistent sciatic artery, and recurrent venous insufficiency.  There will something on the agenda that will interest everyone.

The new website for the society is now active.  Our intent is to list all of the members of the society and link to their practice website.  At the meeting and in a mail out to follow we will be asking members if they wish to be listed and if they wish to have a link to their website.  If you do not respond you will not be listed.  Please look for this survey and the mailing to follow.

Lastly, I wanted to encourage all members to invite physicians in their area that are caring for vascular patients to join the society.  Many care givers in the state do not know that the society exists, so please spread the word.  In addition, I would encourage all to consider joining the Society for Vascular Surgery.  The society is your voice to Congress and is working hard to protect our interests and profession.

I hope to see you all at the annual meeting.

M. Burress Welborn III, M.D.
President of The Alabama Vascular Society

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